We Made This Place Our Home

I haven't posted in one year, one month, and 29 days.  In that time, my family and I have sold our farm of 15 years, fully remodeled three houses, moved twice, driven to Virginia and back, and survived seven different sports seasons.  I've finished my first year of college, visited Los Angeles, and worked two simultaneous jobs.  I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but it's almost over and we can take a breath!
 Waking up this morning in our new farmhouse, the sun streaming through the curtain, I thought about how surreal it all is.  For a year we've been floating like seven little anchorless boats.  When the house your dad built and you grew up in is suddenly not yours anymore, it rips the roots out of the bottom of your life - more so than I could've ever expected.  I've tried writing about the whole process and everything that went into moving and all of this remodeling, but I'd rather just show you:
Our original house.
Strapping boy cousins come in handy!  
Our last night in the house.
Our new house
The basement of said house. 

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