Walk on Easter

Our Easter celebrations are much the same as Thanksgiving and Christmas:  Grandma's home cooking, boy cousins all over the place, some form of physical exertion, and laughter.  I swear, Grandma makes the best food on the planet, hands down.  Her "mud cake"?!  Smoked ham?  Potato salad?  Green beans? Rolls?  Anything you can imagine, my grandma can make.  (well, besides cookies.  for whatever reason, she can't make cookies.) 

 Even though I love all these cousins of mine to the moon and back, this guy right here is my favorite.  
We're pals.  I bug him, he bugs me, and we get along famously.  
The sun was out, but with that thin, wintry kind of sunlight that Michigan gets in early spring.  It was a nice day for walking to the park and playing on the swingset, merry-go-round, and slide (yes, I understand all but two of us are over fifteen.).  Some things should never be outgrown, and playing in playgrounds is one of them.