My Perspective on Thinspo

This post is linked up to Fashion Beauty Friend Friday over at ModlyChic - if you want to read others' thoughts on the issue, head over there!  If you don't know what thinspo is, or what I'm talking about at all, check out this Huffington Post article to get the lowdown.

  First and foremost, I would like to say that "thinspo" and "fitspo" have basically become the same thing.  A lithe model drinking tea = thinspo.  A lithe model spiking a volleyball = fitspo.  Both have taken over Tumblr blogs and now Pinterest has succumbed to the influx of fitness/thin "inspiration" like below.  

The saddest "reason" I saw said simply:
"To feel confident in your own body and be happy."

  The truth about thinspo is this:  as long as you're comparing your body to that of a most-likely-eating-disorder-oppressed, rail-thin model, you will not "feel confident in your own body" or "be happy".   You will look in the mirror and see yourself, with your dimpled knees and untoned arms, and you'll think of how "good" that model looks and how "bad" you appear compared to her.
Thinspo often uses guilt, cursing, and most of all the human body to promote its purpose.  The problem with this is that guilt, cursing, and the desire to look like someone else aren't healthy reasons to "get fit".  You should be getting "fit" to be the healthiest version of you, not the thinnest or lightest.  The pressure from outside sources to "inspire" you to change yourself and conform to their image of beauty will only crush your self-image.  And this is where thinspo gets it wrong: it emphasizes "losing weight for yourself", "getting healthy", and "eating well", which are all good goals, applicable to anyone.  However, with messages like "your stomach is only the size of a fist, so you only need to eat that much to fill it", thinspo encourages unhealthy methods of weight loss and gives unrealistic expectations of results.  The only thing it inspires is a negative self-image!
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