I Wore For: Trading Out

Being the third sister, I've always been used to wearing hand-me-downs.  Last week Ella and I took an evening and dumped all of our clothes on the floor, sorted out all the over-worn, tired items (hello, garage sale!), and then traded back and forth until we were thoroughly satisfied with our picks.  Besides the shoes and skirt, this outfit consists entirely of Ella's not-new-but-new-to-me clothes!
If you have a sister or a good friend around the same size as you (and you like how she dresses, haha), ask if she'd want to swap.  Some people get creeped out by the idea of wearing someone else's clothes, so be tactful.  I think that's ludicrous.  Unless they have lice or fleas or some disease (hey that rhymed), there's no reason to think it's unsanitary or embarrassing to trade out clothes.  It's a great way to remix your wardrobe for less!