Two Days Till the End

... not to sound dramatic or anything, right?
This week held the last family gathering of the year!  We got together with Dad's side at my grandpa's house, ate food, made a gingerbread house, talked politics, and played music until the cows came home (oh wait, that was the boys).  My cousins and uncle were up from downstate, and our newest little cousin was there in all his Gerber-baby cuteness.
Liam watching Grandpa play carrom, an indispensable game if you care at all about traditions.
Liv and I assembled a gingerbread house; I did not eat myself sick this time!  *cheers*
It's like pulling teeth to get a picture of these three! Someone always has to crack a joke or jab their finger into someone's spine right as I take the photo.   Next time I'm grabbing a couple of these before I attempt a group shot:
Should do the trick.
Never in my life have I seen longer eyelashes.