Journeying and Tea

My sister's friend Becky came up from Florida (that's her on the right below) to visit and see the snow up here.  Unfortunately for her, this was our first December (in my memory anyway) that we didn't even have a hint of the fluffy stuff!  I guess she'll just have to come visit again... 

We drove up to see an indispensable Christmas tradition of ours.  A little church puts on what's called the "Journey to Bethlehem", which is basically a walk-through story of the Nativity, complete with actors, donkeys, and a ride on a horse-pulled wagon!  We've been going to it since we were babies, and it's one of our favorite events of the holiday season.

Riding the wagon to "Bethlehem" with Amy and Anthony

King Herod's court
Since Becky and Amy were staying the night, we decided to do hair masks to make our hair all nice and shiny.

A few "Four Weddings" episodes later, we rinsed our hair out and were left with soft, shiny locks!
The next day we said goodbyes at church, and Phy & Becky headed downstate and Amy went home with her family.  What a fun weekend!  

On another note, Ella and I were asked to head up and perform the music for a Christmas tea at our church; it was definitely a lesson in communication and planning, but the evening went well!  About 120 ladies attended; my other sister, Phylicia, was the speaker for the night and did a wonderful job, speaking on the subject of "Keeping Joy in the Holiday Season".

Today I go to work, then tomorrow is our big holiday party, and the day after that I retake the ACT, and the day after that I have to get up at 5 a.m. to sing at church!  I can't wait for this week to be over, but at the same time I don't want it to go away.  

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