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I am just now realizing how late I really am in posting these pictures.  This was almost a week ago!  
Amy and I at the Holiday Open House downtown
photo by Alivia

photo by Alivia
And now a photo OF Alivia, since 'tis not fair for my lovely cousin to go un-faced :

This is another must-do of the Christmas season!  The Holiday Open House is always one of the most fun nights of the year.  All the little stores are open with free treats and drinks for all, and the streets are closed to all traffic - unless you're on foot, of course!  There's a huge pine tree in the park, where Santa makes an appearance to toss the "magic dust" and light up the tree.  What seems like the entire population of my wee town turned out this year, thanks to the balmy weather.  No snow, and about 40 degrees - Michigan, what are you thinking?!  
I really didn't mean to turn these posts into a tell-all on my family's Christmas traditions, it just turned out that way!

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