wedding dresses not just for brides anymore

My beautiful friend Holly came along with my sister and mom to watch the fashion show and wander the Castle's grounds.  

My hair for the show was French braided with the ends curled and pinned up.  If I do this again next year, I'll definitely have bangs or something since I looked a little (a lot) skinned.  

There were so many beautiful dresses featured in the show and at our booth!

It hailed and thunder stormed outside during the fashion show, so the entire courtyard
was soaked - hence the red and blue sheets on the ground to protect the dresses!

I love the color of these dresses.  Not sure I'd have them in my wedding (if I have one!) because I'm obsessed with my bridesmaids being able to wear their dresses again, but I think the color is really pretty.
What's your take?  Do you think it's worth it, for the "look" of your wedding, for your friends to buy dresses and just wear them once?  
(if so, don't worry.  I work with people like you all the time.  It's my job, and I love you anyway.)

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