corn, swallows, walks and hair.

I have actually accomplished things this week!  Chopping off my hair (six inches!), going to a cooking school, carving pumpkins, planning parties, working, working out, and the ever-present school .

We had our first frost a few days ago.  Summer is officially over!  We had to harvest
all the corn before it rotted.  

An Autumn walk out to "the hill" is a favorite tradition of ours - we try to get everyone together twice a year (usually spring & fall) to hike out.  Seems simple, as we all live together, but you can imagine how tedious it is, gathering eight people, bundling them up, and getting them to willingly exert themselves.  :-)
Our house is the light grey roof right above the really dark green pine tree.
What?!  You can't tell WHICH really dark green pine tree it is?
Well that's your problem, honey.  ;-)

Oh, and the hair:

Whaddya think? I'm also probably going to dye it back to my natural hair color because the blonde is so dang high maintenance.  My natural hair color is somewhere along these lines:

Oh, last thing - guess what I found at Hobby Lobby and am IN LOVE with?

These awesome mirrored swallow sticky things!  
(There must be a better name for them, but I've got nothing.)

They all reflect the light differently, changing colors at every time of day - I love them.  So much.
They remind me of people.

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