yes. i have favorites.

I know it's wrong; you're not supposed to show favoritism.  Everyone should be equal, right?!   
Well, I guess I'm disobedient.
I'm not even going to try to tell you which of them are mine and which are from their own family.  You'd be confused beyond belief. 

Ella, myself, and Phylicia 

This is Phy.
And this is Ella.
The one on the left is my brother, Anthony.  The one on the right?  Believe it or not, he is of no relation other than "adopted brother"!  :)
They really didn't all mean to wear blue.  It just sorta *happened*.  :)  And yes, we are the type of families who walk through graveyards and enjoy it.  In fact, it's a tradition of ours to go through the one where our grandparents are buried on Memorial Day, and whenever we're on vacation we find the oldest cemetery and explore it.  A little weird, but it's so... something.  I don't really have a word for it.  Puts everything in perspective, I guess, to see all these people with their lives summed up by a dash on a headstone.  


  1. Although I've been around you all for some time, I guess I've never noticed how much you and the Cross' look alike! Whoah!!

  2. it's sort of nice that a cemetary would be seen as a happy place. it's just part of life, after all :)



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