sometimes a bleeding heart is nice.

I found her, just sitting there silently.

Meet Colby.

and his little sis, Triscuit.

where you going, Lassie?  Come home!

That's a few of the hundreds of spring pictures I've been taking... there's something about sunlight and springtime that just gets to you.  Me, actually, it gets to me.  I don't know if it gets to you.  :)
And yesterday's outfit, with a couple of items I've been wanting to show you all:

I'm sorry my feet are so yucky.  I just really wanted to show you my sandals. {from DSW}
That's not all, folks!  
Upcoming are a few pictures from today's walk through a graveyard - a family tradition every Memorial Day weekend for the past century (it seems).  

Hope you're having a deliciously wonderful weekend, and have a memorable Memorial Day tomorrow!