The Left Way

The right way is the path more-traveled.  I prefer the other. 

After years of searching for the "right" eye makeup for my eye shape, the "right" bra for my chest shape, the "right" sleeve for my shoulders, the "right" shoe for my feet, I believe I'm somewhat knowledgeable about a broad swath of subjects.  A wealth of useless knowledge, perhaps, but I might as well record it somewhere. 

As I think of things I'll share them here.  Dabbling in controversial opinions (barefoot running?  caffeine?  diets for women's bodies?) and the mundane (to wing or not to wing your eyeliner?  how much strength is required for a strong brow game?  are skinny jeans dead yet?), mostly to get these topics currently rattling in my brain in writing so I can refer back to them sometime.  Also, I miss blogging.  It's cathartic.

Love to my one reader <3


Happiness Is...

... spending time with joyful people, celebrating together in honor of my sister's wedding to her best friend.  Oh, happy day!


Flashback: Kitchen

Since it's winter and very little happens in northern Michigan when the snow is coming down, I thought I'd update my dear posse of readers with absolutely everything you missed in 2013.  I realize my blogging hiatus ran right through most of our experience remodeling our home, so to kick off the series I'll start with the house!